November 30, 2012

Who says Ice Skates should have all the fun ?

I am the lucky member in our family that is gifted everyone's stuff.
Some of the heirlooms I receive are truly treasures of crystal, silver and gold.  Some of the stuff is not.
Like, my brother-in-laws old high school football cleats.  Oh wow, gee whiz, thanks guys ?

Inspired by the season, and all the charming remakes on the good ole ice skate, I had to ask myself "Why do ice skates get all the love ?  Why not those twenty year old cleats in the garage?"

My solution & interpretation of the classic ice skate holiday decor.
 Now, we have a prized heirloom for sure!  
Maybe this is why I am gifted the stuff treasure...
Know anywhere I can get more dirty white cleats ?   
 I have since given them back to their original owner.  
All gussied up.

Really, who says you can't ?

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