October 10, 2011

Relic - An Unusual Chest of Drawers ...

 I usually start a piece of furniture with a slight vision... 
My vision usually takes a few curves along the way.
This old chest of drawers is from a Penn State University dormitory, stamped on the back 1942.  
It seems that way back in the day if you were accepted as a student your room was a bit furnished.  
I am sure this piece has some stories to tell !  It was pretty filthy when it arrived in my garage.  
It had been living in a storage shed for a long time.

Someone had drilled a hole in the back end, maybe held some stereo equipment back in the 80's ?

The knobs are what makes this piece a conversation piece.

They came about by accident.  I really wanted to replace the original wooden knobs with cool melon or turquoise Anthropologie knobs.  That was not in the cards on creation day.
So, I made these.

Yes, Modge Podge does rock.

I was just going to do dictionary knobs on the top 2 drawers ...
Then I thought, what the heck, I have a VERY large dictionary.  
One more cup of coffee, and I couldn't stop.

These knobs were NOT part of the original vision.  But, taking the road less traveled has taught me something new, and made all the difference.
Each knob is unique, some have little pictures, some do not.  

This did not receive a girlie makeover, it just didn't have a girlie vibe.

This piece has since been sold (I was a little worried that it may be a bit too weird for the masses).  
I don't create furniture makeovers for everybody.  My sense of style is all over the map.  Each piece has such a different personality - I just try to make the best of each situation, and hope that each makeover speaks to someone looking for that something special & as unique as they are.

Wag More, Bark Less

~ SOLD ~

Trippin' Daisy Accent Table

An adventure into the world of high gloss.  There are some pieces I stumble upon that ask to be shiny.
This was one of them.  Getting to shiny is tougher (in my opinion) than distressing and roughing up a piece of furniture.  So, when this cutie turned out the way I wanted it too, I was relieved - and pleased!

~ SOLD ~

Shorty gets a fresh coat of ASCP Paris Grey

This is what Shorty looked like when I found her.  Sweet little thing that had found herself traded from home to home without a real purpose... no one knew where to use her.

Chalk paint, our hero, gave this girl a new lease on life. She has since been adopted by the sweetest family.  She is a proud dressing table once again and has gone back to work !

We were all tickled with how well she cleaned up. 
 It was my pleasure to help this girl find a new purpose.

~ SOLD ~