July 1, 2013

'Sweet Tea' for adults

My girlfriend said to me "I have this metal sign for my beach house that someone gave to me.  I was wondering if you could do your thing & put it on a big, old, red piece of wood for me.
 It says 'Sweet Tea' on it (that's the name of their beach house, & that's where its headed ...)

"Oh, of course.  I would love too" I said.  It will be a fun little summer project, and I just love this friend.  So, great, everybody wins !

I found this perfect salvaged pine cabinet door in the Outer Banks at The Vintage Bodega Show and hauled it home in March.  It was still chilly then, and I was just never feelin' it, so the old door hung out in the garage until one warm day when I went to town, painted it red then distressed it.
Then my buddy dropped off the sign.  Well, she never told me it was a Sweet Tea Vodka sign.  As I said to her, "that changes the ball game for me."  I was kinda picturing a sweeter side of Tea, this is the funner side of Tea.  Different Vibe.  This is not a kitchen sign, this sign is headed to the downstairs Rumpus Room bar sign.  Got it, Cool!

I stuck the metal bar sign on the board.  Blah.  It needed ... well, knobs maybe ?  Everybody screws knobs onto old boards ...  I drank a cold beer (it was hot like I said above), and thought about it, and stared at the plain sign.  Then I stuck a beer cap on the board.  Better!   I was going to fashion some knobs out of beer caps, but then thought better of that wild notion (but will probably return to that one at a later date, I still really like that idea) ...
So with the one beer cap I thought "We can start a Guest List of Caps!"  We can just keep added cool caps.  So fun for the beach.  Your always thirsty at the beach :)
This is going to a rental beach house, and I am darn sure the guests have a few cold ones while at the beach.  My kids loved collecting beer caps from their Daddy & Uncles - so we made a little deposit basket to collect guests caps in.  It will be an ongoing memory board of fun times had while staying at "Sweet Tea".  All it takes to continue the 'cap art' is a hammer and small nails. My girlfriend can fill the whole thing if she likes, or just pick the coolest caps to display.
 A craft anyone can do ~ even after having a few too many Sweet Teas {wink}.