March 22, 2011

I love - and I have copied Miss Mustard Seed

It is my true hope and desire that imitation is the finest form of flattery.

Because I cannot take credit for this kick ass idea.  It was my favorite blogger's idea, I was just the labor.

I learned so much recreating this dresser, (and this post).

I will try to share some of my lessons ...

This was MY childhood dresser.  My mother stripped it, sanded it, stained it, and made it useful for ME
long time ago.
 This was my great grandfathers dresser.  Sadly, it was hiding in my son's closet.  It was working, but not showing off it's true potential.

Until, Miss Mustard Seed helped me to fix that !
I have followed her blog for well over a year.  Quietly loving her projects, advice, and inspiration...
When she posted her Union Jack Dresser (the first one), I RAN into my son's room, ripped out all of his clothes, and started prepping that day.

MMS taught me to use chalk to trace out my design.  She did not share with me however that measuring out a Union Jack Flag is very tricky!   That darn flag is all about proper proportion.  I learned to use my ACMoore coupon and buy an image projector for the next flag I plan on painting - on anything!

The design is tough, but if I can do it ... you can too. 
Or, you can wise up & buy an image projector, you've been warned...

I learned that patience is a virtue, and my son is a trooper for allowing me to paint in his room for a week.

This was a many step process for me.

I really liked it here, I liked the wood showing through behind the flag.  
But, that is NOT the British Flag.
That is ... well, an incomplete British flag.

I learned to love a natural top.  I learned to use stain.  I learned to use wax. 

I learned that if I sand red into white, it makes it kinda pinky.  And, that is bad.

I learned that it takes a VERY long time, and A LOT of practice to be as good, and to make it look as easy as Miss Mustard Seed does - EVERYDAY.

I learned that I have a long way to go.  

But, this dresser rocks - and we LOVE it ! 

This was my favorite makeover of all the hand-me-down-brown furniture that I have ever done. 
 I learned a lot, and have made a cherished family heirloom all that more special.

Thank you Miss Mustard Seed.  

I am moving mountains in my home, and you have taught me how.

I will post this to your blog & linky parties ... once I LEARN how {wink}


  1. It looks great!! You are right that this flag is all about scale and it is tricky. That's what I use my projector with stuff like this. :) It's a good investment and has save me loads of time.

    Anyway, it looks totally awesome!

  2. Looks so good! I have a Union Jack in the making too:) We shall have to compare notes!

  3. awesome job - you've inspired me! i love that you were willing to take a risk with this piece that held meaning for you. seriously. that's huge. found you via miss MS. come visit anytime.


  4. I think you did an amazing job! I am so tempted to try my hand at this. You might just inspire me

  5. You did a great job!!!! Love it and it made me smile how complimentary you were of Marian. Love her stuff - and then again - I have to - I'm her Mom and a proud one at that :) MMS's Mom

  6. Fantastic! You've done an terrific job and so effective. I've always wanted to try this but was too scared. Now I just might. :)

  7. Hello Paige,

    Beautiful piece!!! I am a fellow No. Virginia (Warrenton) blogger. I am also a lover of painted much so that I became an Annie Sloan Stockist! I am addicted to Annie's paint.

    Are you considering attending her March 31st American Tour Workshop in Leesburg? I am involved in the organization and it is going to be FABULOUS!!!! I am so excited...I will get to meet her in New Orleans and then again at Leesburg.

    Love all your restyle. Come visit if you get the time (between makeovers).

    Have a great week
    janet xox