July 8, 2011

Smokin' Grey Dresser - for moi

This dresser is one of the first pieces I bought to refresh.  
I found it on CraigsList and thought I had won the lottery.  When I took out the 1st drawer to begin to load into my truck, it fell apart!  The sweet girl selling it to me knocked off another $20 bucks from embarrassment. I re-glued the dovetails once I got it all home, those drawers work just fine now.  
Elbow grease is my middle name.
It has sat in my studio patiently waiting since March.

Dresser Before

My New Dresser Now

I used Behr Paint & Primer (which I LOVE) in Suede Grey.  
Then added a light layer of black glaze over that. 
 Finished with Gloss Rub On Poly.  
I adore this dresser.
I am just waiting for it to cure 100%.  The nice guy at the Ben Moore store once told me it takes at least 2 weeks for a gloss finish to dry completely.  
After a lot of experience of my own, I believe him :-)

happy trails y'all !

~ SOLD, to me ~


  1. that is sooo me! love the shape of it and the color- it's awesome, paige!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful.... love the Greg & Black glaze... you did an outstanding job. Did it finally cure so you could set items on it without them sticking?

    1. Yes Curt, it did FINALLY cure after waiting longer than 2 weeks. I have learned since then, after painting many more pieces and finishing them with all different types of polys, varathanes, and waxes that they all take TRULY about 4 weeks to 100% absolutely cure as hard as rocks. Patience at the end of the journey.