July 11, 2011

Molly the Tea Cart gets a Fresh, French Makeover

Update on Molly -  She was cute, but no one would buy her.  hhhmmm.  So, what to do ?  
Take an orbital sander to her of course !

How Molly got roughed up and SOLD.

Honestly, she was cooler more distressed.  
A young couple snatched her up and are planning to use her as a mini bar.  
Cheers and Hurray for Old Molly !!  ~ SOLD ~

This old tea cart was a forgotten old server from a very long time ago.  It was hiding in a back corner of a dining room being sad, dark and gloomy - overlooked for many years.

This wallflower needed some understanding, love and a vintage french chocolate label painted on her top...

Thanks to the The Graphics Fairies super cool French Chocolate Image, it was just the flair that this old girl needed to get back in the game!  Honestly, before I saw that label, I was not inspired by this old girl myself ...

Tea Cart Before :

This is Molly the Foxy, French Tea Cart Now :

Feeling fresh, french & frisky.  
This sweet girl is ready to get back to work and look good while doing it - 
Really, isn't that what we all want out of our lives ?

I have truly enjoyed watching Molly come alive.  I can't wait to meet her new owner!

Find peace in your painting friends...


  1. Oh my gosh--this is gorgeous!!!

  2. Love it! I *so* want an old tea cart, even if I have no idea where to put it!

  3. i love the style of that tea cart! and the color is so fun! perfect for serving cocoa or tea... or something spicier, like irish coffee! ;)

  4. This piece is too much fun! No idea where I'd put it but I definitely want one:)

  5. I have been looking for a beverage cart to put some love into myself. I LOVE yours! It turned out beautiful and now has been pinned in my "projects to complete" file. Thanks for the inspiration! I am now following from HomeSavvyAtoZ.com!

  6. I found this great graphic but how did you transfer onto the tea cart?

  7. Dear Anonymous - I used a light projector ! It was tedious work, but, Ihave used a projector in the past so I have it in my 'supply closet'
    The other option would be to use carbon paper and trace the image onto your project (more affordable) carbon paper is available at places like Staples ... good luck !!

  8. When you find another one and redo it in distressed matte black, it's mine! Lovely. Sorry I missed this one.
    North Carolina