July 25, 2011

Monterey - Coastal Inspired Chest of Drawers

What she looked like when I found her.  Before.

This is Monterey now.
She was inspired by a friend.  A friend who is also looking to redo a piece of furniture who wanted a white base with a glaze finish in blues & grays ...  this was my "sample" before working on her piece.
I really like the way Monterey has turned out!

 The interior of the drawers are painted with Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue.  That is also the paint I mixed with a glaze to finish the exterior.  For a third layer, I also brushed on a milky white wash.

My pictures don't do a great job telling the story.  It is time to update my point and shoot camera !!

Another rescued piece of furniture. 
I think she was also inspired by the heat wave we are swimming in as well.
She's a cool customer on a hot planet ...

Peace & Blessings All

~ SOLD ~

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  1. I love how you painted the interior, I should do that!