April 15, 2011

My little Union Jack made it to the Royal Celebration @ ChicksPicks!

I am more than proud and flattered to be involved with Hillary Tattersall in any way possible. I have been a loyal customer for years, and I am now so tickled to have a piece of my art hanging on her Royal Wall!

ChicksPicks by Hilary is the epitome of "Ladies Who Lunch" feel-good-shopping.  You get to shop in a beautiful, gracious home surrounded by women who are smiling, pleasant, and have gorgeous taste.  The items for sale are unique, handmade with love, and easy to live with.  The prices are real life prices and it just feels good to be there.  Kinda like Nordstrom, if Nordstorm was in a house, opened every 6 weeks or so ...

ChicksPicks also has a website for those gals that are not local.  You can always find way cool stuff from the comfort of your own gorgeous home here.


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  1. HELLO I am so excited to meet. I am in Maine as I write so let's plan on something when I am back...coffee, paint date or something fun. Thanks so much for your note.