March 31, 2011

Some Lucky Before and Afters ...

Recent Before and Afters ... there are more, all over my house.  I just haven't photographed them all!


Thank you Grandma for this wonderful set of shelves!


Vanity Bench

the rest is still awaiting a lot more white paint ...

This little bench started me seriously thinking about painting furniture for other people.
This was done for a teenager who inherited her Grandmother's bedroom set.  A very beautiful, in great condition full set.  My teenage friend looked at me (with tears in her eyes) and said  "I hate it !  but, my mom is making me keep it"  I looked at her and said.  "I see the beauty in your furniture, let me help you see it too"  I threw that little ugly brown stool in my van ... and this was the end product. 
She loves the vanity bench now, still hates the rest of her furniture ... I guess I better get that family to hire me!

My girlfriend's foyer table

 This little sideboard has always been in my best girlfriends foyer.  
I asked her if she would let me try a makeover on the old girl.  She said sure "I bought it at a garage sale in California a million years ago, I have never touched it."  Perfect, into the van it went.

With some khaki paint I had in the stash, some stain, a refinished top, a coat of wipe on poly... this girl is shining and my bestie loves it :-))

Union Jack Hack

This is my personal favorite so far.
Thank you Miss Mustard Seed!!  
How much do I owe you for all of the free advice anyway ?

Curb Alert

What is sexy you ask?  Free storage I say!
While driving home on trash day, I stumbled upon what my silly neighbor put on the curb.  
Well, into the van it went.  The drawers were a little off, but, I can fix that ~ easy !  
My first commission.  From my tween daughter. 
Bright green semi gloss paint, black gloss spray paint for knobs, pink zebra wrapping paper purchased from Ebay glued on with Modge Podge...
She thinks she's a rock star.  For under $20 bucks.  Big grins of silly satisfaction - priceless.

Lounge Lizard (at least that is what I fondly call it)

Good bones, clean lines, ugly black stain on top. 
It has a destination.  Next to her hubby's red and black leopard lounge chair. 
He needs an assistant to hold a cold one, the remote, & a late night snack. 
A man's table it will be.  A funky man's table.

 Viola!  I love it, I wanna keep it ... but, it already has a home.  Darn !

Tres Comfy Chair

 Can't you see this in someone's sunroom? 
I wish I had a sunroom ~  I thought it was too cute to pass up ...

Fresher is always better :-)  Wythe Blue is the color, bright, but not too bright.  just pretty.


  1. hi Paige - thanks for your comment on my union jack dresser. it was so much fun to do wasn't it but I spent a lot of time getting the proportions exact and i don't know that it was necessary. I'm selling mine but it's sitting in the middle of our lounge room at the moment and i'm loving it while it's here.
    ENjoy doing your second one I'm sure it would be much easier second time around!
    cheers Fiona

  2. You certainly have a magic touch with paint! Thanks for stopping by the blog...and for your sweet comment!